Frequently Asked Questions

What impact does COVID-19 have?
If you’re new to the Farm Concert family, then we’d like you to know that there will be about 400 people gathered outside on around 10,000 square feet of beautifully groomed lawn under our 150-year-old shade trees. The seating is general, in lawn chairs that you bring, so you might just meet some new friends. You’ll be able to keep your hands clean using the real sinks by the portalets, and you may either purchase food on site or bring your own dinner. You’re welcome to wear a mask if you wish, but it won’t be required. We’ll provide lots of hand sanitizer, bug spray and farm-fresh, free range drinking water. And on the off-chance that we have to cancel the Farm Concert due to last minute changes in COVID-19 restrictions, we’ll fully refund your money.
What should I bring to the show?
It’s an outdoor venue, so bring clothing that will handle at least two seasons. Jacket, rain coat, long sleeves, short sleeves, sun visor, blanket – the usual “Colorado pack”. Also bring your ticket, lawn chair, food and drink, and cash for food and merch purchases. We provide bug spray and free water.
Is food available on site?
Yes! A food vendor is always available. The fare may be BBQ, burgers, or a cool food truck (with warm food). And you can always bring your own food and drink.
When does the main gate open?
About 45-60 minutes before the show starts. See Farm Concert page for exact time.
What happens in bad weather?
We have a huge barn that will provide shelter until the storm passes. Our shows are rain or shine events, and a short weather delay is not a deal breaker.
What is the parking situation?
Parking is free and plentiful. Our lot is on the West side of the farm, directly accessible from Highway 56. We have a sheriff directing traffic, so just follow his signals to the gate.
Can I meet the performers?
Absolutely! That’s one of the wonderful things about Newell Farm shows. Our stars don’t jump in their limo after the last note and take off down the farm road. They hang out at the merch tent until the last dog drops. Nice, huh?
Are pets allowed?
With the exception of service dogs, pets are not permitted, unless you have a two-headed calf. We would absolutely want to talk with you about that.
What is the smoking policy?
There is a well-marked smoking area on the West side of the grounds, with a nice view of the mountains as well as the stage. You may smoke or vape there.
What is the refund/exchange policy?
All ticket sales are final. In the event that a show is cancelled before its scheduled play date with no alternative date offered, all ticket sales will be refunded.
Can I get tickets to a sold-out show? I’m a close personal friend of the Mayor.
When we announce that a show is sold-out, that means that no more tickets are available. You can email us through the Contact Form to get on a waiting list in the event that any tickets become available. We’ll do our best to help you out. And, by the way… we’re pretty tight with the Mayor as well.
Is Newell Farm ADA compliant?
Yes, in both parking and seating. Just remember, this is a working farm. The terrain is not paved or flat.
Is there reserved seating?
No. The shows are general admission. But we limit the crowd size, so there are no bad seats on the lawn. Two words – shade trees. Lots of them. Please bring regular lawn or camp chairs. High-back chairs create sight-line issues and will be moved to the back row.
What if I forget my ticket/lawn chair/jacket/whatever?
We have a record of your ticket purchase at the gate, so you dodged that bullet. We also have a handful of lawn chairs that will go to the highest bidders (Kidding? Maybe….). And a couple of barn jackets that smell like donkeys. If you find yourself in one of these situations, seek out an official Newell Farmhand and we’ll try to help you out. We’ll also help you find your car keys, because we know that’s coming as well.
Can I take pictures?
Yes, as long as the performers have no objections. In the entire history of these shows, no performer has ever had a problem with cameras. Just don’t use a flash. We have plenty of stage lighting to guarantee a good shot. Please do resist taking and posting videos, though. Most performers like to approve online video content before it’s posted and, to date, none have approved the videos taken at our Farm Concerts.
I’ll bet I can think of a question that you haven’t addressed here.
We’d bet on that, too. So just email us using the Contact Form on this website and we’ll get right back to you. Your question might even be added to this list. Sorry, there’s no prize for that.